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Test Strips

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Using patented noble metal technology while applying the latest in injection molded nano-technology allows Bionime Test Strips to deliver consistent, reliable, and accurate results.
The large injection molded plastic strips are designed to be easy to handle, and easy to insert into the Meter. Our horizontal design allows for hygienic testing by having the blood sample placed on the opposite side as the hand grip.
Bionime test strips are designed with the needs of diabetics in mind. The large size makes them easy to handle, especially for those experiencing some of the common complications of diabetes including: loss of vision, dexterity, or mobility. The color coding helps ensure that patients use the correct Test Strip with their Meter. The patented design prevents wasting strips by minimizing contamination due to dropped, bent, or damaged Test Strips.

Some of the features include the following:

• Segregated blood sample port
• Patented noble gold technology incorporating the latest in nano-technology
• Large, easy to handle injection molded plastic strips
• Color coded strips to ensure proper meter/strip match